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Caporus’ patented capacitor technologies enable reliable capacitive energy storage and filtering at the higher voltages and temperatures required by the next generation of high-density power conversion systems. Caporus dielectrics employ advanced materials and processes to meet the increasingly demanding requirements for power conversion systems that are key to supporting the electrification of transportation and integration of distributed energy resources on the grid. We are at the beginning of a global shift in electrification, and Caporus is at the forefront of these developments. 

Caporus Technologies

At Caporus, we develop the technologies that will connect our world’s energy and communications. We enable products for our customers to achieve their electrification goals through sustainable materials and design innovation.

Our Funding Partners

Caporus' growth is driven by venture capital investment and US government R&D support



Chain Reaction Innovations
Scale for ClimateTech
Blueprint from The Engine
Creative Destruction Lab

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Caporus is expanding internal operations in Chicagoland and collaborations globally. We are a small, growing, high-energy team with a passion for developing innovative materials and products to positively impact society.

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